Bushcraft Training

The term Bushcraft refers to traditional wilderness skills, many of which were used by our forefathers and Native American Indians. Bushcraft is about thriving in the outdoors and living with what nature provides. This course will teach you the skills necessary to survive for extended periods of time under harsh conditions in the wild!

Our instructors are former U.S. Army Rangers and Special Forces soldiers with extensive survival training both inside and outside of the military.

This multi-day course will cover the following:

  • The art of making, maintaining, and transporting fire when you have no matches
  • How to locate, collect, and purify water in even the most arid environments
  • How to find and eat wild plants and animals for sustainable sustenance
  • How to properly construct and use shelters for temporary and long term use
  • How to make your own knives, axes, and cooking utensils
  • How to navigate with and without a compass and map
  • Advanced medical training for environmental conditions and trauma

The curriculum can be modified to suit your personal needs or requirements.

Bushcraft Training Price: (4 person minimum)

$250 1 day (approx 12-14 hours)
$350 1 1/2 days (one overnight)
$550 2 1/2 days (two overnights)


Bushcraft Training Reservations

We require a two week advance notice for all Bushcraft reservations.

Please Call: (830) 275-4962

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