Mountain Rappelling

Mountain Rappelling Introductory Course

This class covers basic outdoor rappelling in one day. You will learn about rappelling safety, gear, knots, and rigging points. Utilizing the natural cliff faces found on Ox Ranch, the course is both fun and exciting and designed for young and old alike.

Price: $150 (minimum 4 students)

Rappelling Advanced Course

Covering the same material as our introductory course, this class expands into a two-day experience. The curriculum also includes rope ascending, alternate rappel devices, advanced knots and much more. The highlight will be not only more challenging outdoor rappels, but also a rappel into one of our caves!

Price: $300 (minimum 4 students)

Mountain Rappelling Reservations

We require making reservations at least two weeks in advance to secure availability.

Please Call: (830) 275-4962

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