Survival Training

Anyone venturing into the outdoors runs the risk of being stranded or even lost. The average length of these survival situations is three days before rescue; yet many people fail to survive such a short period! Our survival training course will provide the knowledge necessary to stay healthy, stay alive, and increase the odds of being found.

Our instructors are former U.S. Army Rangers and Special Forces soldiers with extensive survival training both inside and outside of the military.

This one day course will cover the following:

  • How to deal with the mental aspects of a survival situation
  • What to carry and how to use your personal survival kit and tools
  • How to deal with the environmental threats of cold or heat
  • How to properly construct and use temporary shelters to diminish environmental factors
  • How to locate, collect, and purify water in even the most arid environments
  • The art of making, maintaining, and transporting fire
  • How to aid the search and rescue parties in locating you
  • Basic medical training for environmental conditions and trauma

The curriculum can be modified to suit your personal needs or requirements. If you are looking for a more advanced class, please check out our Bushcraft Training course.

Survival Training Price: (4 person minimum)

$250 1 day (approx 12-14 hours)

Survival Training Reservations

We require a two week advance notice for all survival training reservations.
Please Call: (830) 275-4962

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