Farm Experience

The Ox Ranch farm experience explores many of our day-to-day ranch life activities. You may participate in feeding animals, cow milking, egg collecting, gardening, and even bee keeping!

Your day will start out in a quaint farm cottage where Shiloh our Jersey cow resides. You will be offered a latte and dessert while you meet Shiloh and her friends – Iva, the beautifully marked donkey and Faith, the playful mountain goat.

The milk cottage is the perfect oasis in which to get your culinary fix! Your hostess Dana will cook a delicious farm-to-table meal using the organic vegetables you have picked! You also have the option to learn how to make fresh butter, sour cream, kefir, and Shiloh cheese!

Farm Experience Options…. (FREE)

    • Feed Animals
    • Cow Milking
    • Bee Keeping
    • Gardening
    • Learn how to make butter, sour cream, kefir, and cheese
    • Any organic vegetables, eggs, and milk you gather are yours to keep!

*Radio ahead if you are interested in a latte or jar of fresh milk to be delivered to you!

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