Dama Gazelle Hunting

Origin: Africa
Horn Size: 12-15 inches
Weight: 77-165 pounds
Season: Year Round
Estimated World Population: 500

The Dama Gazelle is the largest and rarest gazelle in the world!  This graceful exotic can be hunted year round at Ox Ranch and would make an incredible addition to any trophy room!

You may hunt our beautiful Dama Gazelle using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind.

Dama Gazelle Hunting Package: $10,000

*Field Dressing Included
*100% Opportunity Guarantee
*Transportation of Your Animal to Meat Processor / Taxidermist
*Firearm and Ammunition Provided, if Needed
*Access to the Ranch’s 5,800-foot Paved and Lighted Runway (contact us for charter services)
*Additional Non-Hunting Guests ($150 a day)

All-Inclusive Dama Gazelle Hunting: $11,000

Our All-Inclusive Dama Gazelle Hunting Package Include all of the Above as well as the Following…

*3 days / 2 nights of hunting and activities
*Award Winning Chef who Prepares Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
*All-Inclusive beverages
*Additional Non-Hunting Guests ($150 per person a day)
*Free Night Vision Hog Hunting. We Will Drive You Around the Ranch Hunting Without the Use of Any Lights! Or You Can Hog Hunt From Our Hunting Blind That Holds 10+ People. This Blind Has a TV That Receives Live Game Camera Footage, a Poker Table, Air Conditioning, and a Fully Stocked Bar.

Interesting Dama Gazelle Hunting Information

  • Gazelles mark their territories with dung, urine, and secretions that are derived from glands located near their eyes.
  • Pronking is a way to warn other herd members that danger is near.  This action involves the gazelle hopping up and down while leaving their four legs completely stiff.  The result is all four legs hitting the ground simultaneously, gaining the attention of the rest of the herd.
  • Within a couple of days of being born, the Dama offspring are able to follow the herd.  Within a week, these small gazelles are able to run just as fast as the adults!
  • Dama Gazelles are also called Addra Gazelles or Mhorr Gazelles.
  • They can stand on their hind legs to eat from plants as high as six feet tall!
  • These animals are diurnal, meaning you will see them active throughout the day at Ox Ranch!

Dama Hunting Reservations

We recommend making Dama Gazelle Hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.

Please Call: (830) 275-4962

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