Hunting Fees

We highly recommend upgrading to an all-inclusive hunting package.  Our all-inclusive hunts include lodging, gourmet meals, hog hunting, fishing, 50 cal shooting, beverages, and much more!  For more pictures and information, select the species you are interested in.

Exotic GameNative Game
Addax AntelopeWhitetail Deer
up to 30 inches$5,000Management cull $750
over 30 inches$6,500Management 8 point$1,500
American Bison$6,500Trophy 8 point buck$2,500
Aoudad Sheep$4,500Trophy 10-12 point buck$3,500
Arabian Oryx$9,500(150-159 SCI score) $5,000
Axis(160-169 SCI score) $6,000
Trophy Axis Deer$3,500(170-179 SCI score) $7,500
Management Axis$2,500(180-189 SCI score) $8,500
Barasingha $5,500(190-199 SCI score) $10,500
Blackbuck$3,000(200-210 SCI score) $12,500
Black Hawaiian Sheep(211-220 SCI score) $14,000
under 38 inches$3,000(221-230 SCI score) $15,500
over 38 inches$4,000(231-240 SCI score) $17,000
Black Wildebeest$15,000(241-250 SCI score) $18,500
Blesbok$6,500(251-260 SCI score) $20,000
Blue Wildebeest$5,900(261-270 SCI score) $21,500
Bongo$35,000(271-280 SCI score) $23,000
Buffalo$6,500(281-290 SCI score) $25,000
Catalina$1,250(291-300 SCI score) $27,000
Corsican(300+ SCI score) $30,000
Corsican under 38 inches$3,000
Corsican over 38 inches$4,000
Dama Gazelle$10,000Turkey (two turkeys) $1,000
Eland$6,500Javelina (8 hour hunt) $1,000
Eld’s Deer$10,000
(331-369 SCI score) $8,500
(370-400 SCI score) $12,500
(401-440 SCI score) $16,500
(441-450 SCI score) $18,500
(451-465 SCI score) $19,500
(466-499 SCI score) $24,500
(500+ SCI score) $35,000
European Mouflon$4,500
Fallow Deer$5,250
4 Horned Jacob Sheep$2,500
Himalayan Tahr$6,000
Hog Deer$4,500
Hog Hunting (8 hrs hunting)$1,000
Trophy Nubian Ibex $12,500
Record Class Ibex 40+ inch $20,000+
Impala $5,750
up to 50 inches $15,000
over 50 inches $17,500
Manchurian Sika$4,500
Markhor$450 per inch
Mouflon Sheep$4,500
Nile Lechwe$14,000
Nubian Ibex$12,500
Painted Desert Sheep
Painted under 38 inches$3,000
Painted over 38 inches$4,000
Pere David’s Deer$8,500
Red Lechwe$6,500
Red Sheep$4,500
Red Stag
(280-375 SCI score) $8,750
(376-399 SCI score) $12,500
(400-440 SCI score) $17,500
(441-460 SCI score) $22,500
(461-499 SCI score) $25,000
(500+ SCI score) $35,000
Rusa Deer$8,500
Scimitar Horned Oryx$4,500
Sika Deer$4,500
Texas Dall Sheep
Texas Dall under 38 inches$3,000
Texas Dall over 38 inches$4,000
Water Buffalo$5,000
Watusi Cattle$6,000-$20,000
White BuffaloContact us
White ElkContact us


All hunting packages include:

*100% success guarantee (wounded animals not guaranteed)

*Gun provided if needed
*Field Dressing Included
*Transportation of your animal to Meat Processor / Taxidermist
*Access to the ranch’s 5,800 ft paved and lighted runway (contact us for charter services)

Miscellaneous Fees & Disclaimers

*Lodging is currently only available to our all-inclusive hunting packages
*Non-hunting guests are $150 per day; children 4-10 half price (maximum of 3 guests per hunter)
*San Antonio airport round trip pick up $200

*A Texas hunting license is required and can be purchased online from Texas Parks & Wildlife.  We are more than happy to help if you have any questions on which license is right for you.

*A wounded animal is charged the same as a kill.  We will do our best to locate the animal; but unfortunately, there are no guarantees on wounded game.

*We require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit for all reservations.  All balances must be paid in full prior to departure with a check, cash, wire, and or credit card.  There is a 3% processing charge on all payments made by credit card.

Pricing & Reservations

If you have any questions regarding pricing, or are looking for a custom quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please call: (830) 275-4962 or email us at

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