Giant Hunting Blind

Ox Ranch has an $80,000 deer blind that we have creatively nicknamed “Big Blind.”  Big Blind is big, very big, in fact!  It can easily hold more than 10 people! The best feature of Big Blind is its live game camera feed.

The feed automatically displays pictures of animals that are in the vicinity to a big screen TV!  There are 8 game cameras placed down clearings that cover thousands of acres. These clearings have free choice protein and corn feeders that go off multiple times a day and night to lure hogs in.

Big Blind Amenities:

    • Direct TV with Sports Package
    • Live game camera feed
    • Poker Table
    • Soundproof Walls
    • Air Conditioning & Heating
    • Fully Stocked Bar with Ice Machine

There is a lot of technology that goes into the Big Blind; so while you are welcome to use flashlights, we recommend and include usage of our OBR .308 with thermal scope. It is common for hunters to kill hogs 400+ yards out at night!

Big Blind & Reservations

If you have any questions regarding our Big Blind, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We recommend making reservations well in advance to secure availability.

Please call: (830) 275-4962
[email protected]

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