Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting Seasons (North Zone):

Fall season: November 3rd – Jan. 6, 2019
Spring season: March 21st – May 3rd, 2020

Origin:  North America
Weight: 20-30 pounds
Estimated World Population: 7 million+
Ox Ranch Population: 100+

Ox Ranch is not only a favorite among hunters, but the gobblers love us, too!  Our land diversity creates some of the best turkey hunting in Texas.

In hunting, there is nothing like the adrenaline rush of calling a big old Rio Grande tom in!  We are happy to set you up with a pop-up tent, guide you, or even let you do your own style of hunting.  We accommodate hunters of all types including bow, shotgun, pistol, and rifle.

Turkey Hunting add-on pricing:

$1,000 per Turkey (two bird limit)

Turkey hunts are available as an add-on option to any of of our all-inclusive trophy hunting packages.

Interesting Turkey Hunting Information:

  • We have harvested a turkey with 6 beards off our property!
  • Turkey beards grow 3-5 inches in a year.
  • At one time, both the Turkey and Bald Eagle were considered national symbols of America.  Benjamin Franklin argued in favor of the Turkey, stating that Bald Eagles were cowardly!
  • 10- 20 percent of hens can grow beards.
  • When scoring a turkey, you measure weight, beard length, and spur length.
  • The males are seen with a fleshy wattle, called a snood, that hangs from the top of their beak.
  • Muslim farmers in the Middle East were the first to domesticate turkeys.  English customers assumed they were from Turkey and thus the name “turkey birds.”
  • Merchants who sold and bought turkeys out of the Mediterranean were called “turkey merchants.”
  • Over 45 million turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving!
  • Turkeys can fly up to 55 miles per hour!
  • William Strickland introduced the turkey to England and was given a coat of arms that included a “turkey-cock in his pride proper.”
  • In 1519, Hernan Cortes’ expedition in Mexico were the first European explorers to discover and eat the turkey. They brought the bird back to Europe and domesticated them for eating.

Turkey Hunting Reservations

We recommend making Turkey hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.

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