Tank Driving

Have you ever wanted to drive and shoot real WWII tanks?

Now you can and only at Ox Ranch! Drivetanks.com is the first and only company in history to allow civilians to drive and shoot authentic WWII tanks. DriveTanks has multiple hangars filled with tanks, artillery, anti-tank guns, mortars, flamethrowers, and machine guns available to the public.

DriveTanks has dozens of vehicles and large guns including … a Sherman Tank (same variant Brad Pitt used in the blockbuster movie Fury), a Russian T-34-85, Leopard Tank, Chieftain Tank, German Half-Track, Pak-40 anti-tank gun, Howitzer 105 artillery, M134 Mini Gun, Vietnam Flamethrower, 81mm Mortar, M2 Machine Gun, and much more! If you are interested in more information, as well as pricing, please visit Drivetanks.com

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