Hunting Fees

We highly recommend upgrading to an all-inclusive hunting package.  Our all-inclusive hunts include lodging, gourmet meals, hog hunting, fishing, 50 cal shooting, beverages, and much more!  For more pictures and information, select the species you are interested in.

*All prices displayed on this website include a 3% cash or check Discount from our regular pricing.

Exotic GameNative Game
Addax Antelope $6,500Whitetail Deer
American Bison$6,500Cull  add-on $750
Aoudad Sheep$4,500Cull 8 point add-on$1,500
Arabian Oryx$9,500(up to 125 SCI score)$2,500
Axis$3,500(126-149 SCI score)$3,500
Barasingha$5,500(150-159 SCI score) $5,000
Blackbuck $3,000(160-169 SCI score) $6,000
Black Hawaiian Sheep(170-179 SCI score) $7,500
under 38 inches$3,000(180-189 SCI score) $8,500
over 38 inches $4,000(190-199 SCI score) $10,500
Black Wildebeest$15,000(200-210 SCI score) $12,500
Blesbok $6,500(211-220 SCI score) $14,000
Blue Sheep$17,500 and up(221-230 SCI score) $15,500
Blue Wildebeest$5,900(231-240 SCI score) $17,000
Bongo$35,000(241-250 SCI score) $18,500
Buffalo$6,500(251-260 SCI score) $20,000
Catalina$1,250(261-270 SCI score) $21,500
Corsican(271-280 SCI score) $23,000
Corsican under 38 inches$3,000(281-290 SCI score) $25,000
Corsican over 38 inches$4,000(291-300 SCI score) $27,000
Dama Gazelle$10,000(300+ SCI score) $30,000
Eld’s Deer$10,000
ElkTurkey (two turkeys)$1,000
(331-369 SCI score)$8,500Javelina  n/a
(370-400 SCI score) $12,500
(401-440 SCI score) $16,500
(441-450 SCI score) $18,500
(451-465 SCI score) $19,500
(466-499 SCI score) $24,500
(500+ SCI score) $35,000
European Mouflon$4,500
Fallow Deer$5,250
4 Horned Jacob Sheep$2,500
Grant’s Gazelle$10,000
Himalayan Tahr$7,500
Hog Deer$4,500
Hog Hunting (8 hrs hunting)$1,000
Hybrid Ibex $3,500
Trophy Nubian Ibex $12,500
Record Nubian Ibex 40+ in. $20,000+
Impala $5,750
Kudu $17,500
Manchurian Sika$4,500
Markhor$450 per inch
Mouflon Sheep$4,500
Muntjac Deer$4,000
Nile Lechwe$14,000
Painted Desert Sheep
Painted under 38 inches$3,000
Painted over 38 inches$4,000
Pere David’s Deer$8,500
Red Lechwe$6,500
Red Sheep$4,500
Red Stag
(280-360 SCI score) $8,750
(361-399 SCI score) $12,500
(400-440 SCI score) $17,500
(441-460 SCI score) $22,500
(461-499 SCI score) $25,000
(500+ SCI score) $35,000
Rusa Deer$8,500
Scimitar Horned Oryx$4,500
Sika Deer$4,500
Texas Dall Sheep
Texas Dall under 38 inches$3,000
Texas Dall over 38 inches$4,000
Thomson’s Gazelle$7,500
Transcaspian Urial$12,500
Water Buffalo$5,000
Watusi Cattle$6,000-$20,000
White Buffalo$18,500
White Elk$15,000-$30,000
White Stag$10,000-$30,000


All hunting packages include:

*100% opportunity guarantee
*Field Dressing Included
*Gun provided if needed
*Transportation of your animal to Meat Processor / Taxidermist
*Access to the ranch’s 5,800 ft paved and lighted runway (contact us for charter services)

Miscellaneous Fees & Disclaimers

*All prices displayed on this website include a 3% Cash Discount from our Regular Pricing.  If you choose to pay by Credit Card, you will be charged our Regular Pricing (which is 3% more than the Prices displayed on this site).
*Non-hunting guests are $200 per night; children 4-10 half price (maximum of 3 guests per hunter)

*San Antonio airport round trip pick up $200

*A Texas hunting license is required and can be purchased on site with us or online at Texas Parks & Wildlife.  We are more than happy to help if you have any questions on which license is right for you.

*A wounded animal is charged the same as a kill.  We will do our best to locate the animal; but unfortunately, there are no guarantees on wounded game.

*We require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit for all reservations. A minimum of 30 day notice must be given for any reschedules and can only be rescheduled one time. All balances must be paid in full prior to departure with a check, cash, wire, and or credit card.


Pricing & Reservations

If you have any questions regarding pricing, or are looking for a custom quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please call: (830) 275-4962 or email us at

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