Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting Season: 

December 21, 2018 – January 14, 2019

Ox Ranch will have Mojo decoys out in full force during the season!  We are blessed with mourning doves, white-winged doves, and Eurasian collared doves. We have plenty of hunting fields, and on most days hunters quickly hit their daily bag limit of 15!

Dove Hunting is FREE with the purchase of any hunting package during the Dove Hunting Season.

Interesting Dove Hunting Information:

  • 1 out of every 4 dove hunters in America hunt doves in Texas.
  • Nearly 75 percent of the shotgun shells sold in the United States are used for Dove Hunting.
  • $200 million dollars a year is spent on dove hunting expenditures.  This generates over $11 million dollars in taxes for the state of Texas!
  • The national average is 8 shells per dove killed.
  • Doves usually lay 2 eggs in 3-4 clutches per year.  That is 6 to 8 eggs annually!
  • There are over 460,000 dove hunting residents and non-residents in Texas.
  • 20-70 million doves are shot each year.
  • Nearly 60 percent of the mourning doves shot within the borders of Texas were hatched in Texas.
  • Doves fly between 2 and 7 miles just for water!

Dove Hunting Reservations

We recommend making Dove Hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.

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