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Ox Ranch has been the set to numerous television shows including Ford Outfitters Haley Heath, Razor Dobs Alive, Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild, LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors, and a number one ranking primetime TV show (cannot name, NDA in place).

Movie Ranch

Ox Ranch is located less than two hours west of San Antonio and comprises over 18,000 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country. We have thousands of free-ranging animals including giraffes, zebras, Longhorns, buffalos, painted horses, ostriches, kangaroos, and dozens of additional species. Words truly cannot describe what is quickly becoming known as the prettiest film ranch in Texas!

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The topography of Ox Ranch includes West Texas, South Texas, and Texas Hill Country terrain. The Ranch is filled with Piñon Pine, Guajillo, Blackbrush, Live Oak, and pecan trees that lie along 7 miles of spring-fed creeks and lakes.

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