Archery at Ox Ranch is an activity all ages can enjoy! We are not professional instructors by any means, but we are more than capable of teaching the basics. We have compound bows, recurve bows, wooden longbows, and crossbows of all difficulty levels available.

You do not have to a be a hunter to enjoy archery and to hit a bullseye! However, we are a hunting ranch and you are more than welcome to put your newfound skills to the test.

Archery is a great activity for kids, too! Let’s face it. If you have kids, they probably saw the Hunger Games. They will be thrilled to learn more about the sport with a bow in their hands and the movie in their heads. Let them feel like heroes while learning in a safe and controlled environment.

Archery Target Practice: FREE

    • On-Site Archery Instructor
    • Sessions for Individuals, Couples, and Groups
    • Beginner-Friendly
    • Casual and Fun
    • All Ages 5 and over

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