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Our Address:

Ox Ranch
1946 Private Road 2485
Uvalde, TX 78801

Campwood Directions (30 minutes)

Bracketville Directions (32 minutes)

San Antonio Directions (1h and 59 minutes)

Austin Directions (3h and 16 minutes)

Warning: Our address only works in google maps. If you try using any other GPS or map service, you will most likely end up 30+ miles away from our location!

Warning: We recommend printing out directions prior to departing. The only cell phone provider that works near the ranch is AT&T, and it is spotty at best.

Why not fly directly to the ranch?

You can land directly on the ranch using our 5,800 ft x 70 ft instrument marked and painted runway. If you don’t have a plane / jet, no problem you’re more than welcome to charter from one of our proven partners. Please contact us here to obtain a free quote.

Please visit our airport website here to obtain the necessary documentation to land at the ranch.

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