Our Address:

Ox Ranch
1946 Private Road 2485
Uvalde, TX 78801

Campwood Directions (30 minutes)

Bracketville Directions (32 minutes)

San Antonio Directions (1h and 59 minutes)

Austin Directions (3h and 16 minutes)

Warning: Our address only works in google maps. If you try using any other GPS or map service, you will most likely end up 30+ miles away from our location!

Warning: We recommend printing out directions prior to departing. The only cell phone provider that works near the ranch is AT&T, and it is spotty at best.

Why not fly directly to the ranch?

You can land directly on the ranch using our 5,800 ft x 70 ft instrument marked and painted runway. If you don’t have a plane / jet, no problem you’re more then welcome to charter our Lear 60xr jet. (please contact us for pricing)

Runway directions:
WARNING: Our neighbors have runways if you don’t see 17/35 it’s not us! (click pictures above to view our runway)
Our airport identifier is 01TX
Uvalde 23NM north northwest of KUVA airport
Instrument marked and painted, 17/35
N 29 27.632 W 100 06.870 (coordinates are near center of the runway)

If you need any help with directions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We recommend making reservations well in advance to secure availability.

Please call: (830) 275-4962

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