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Hi Everyone,

My name is Brent Oxley, and I am the owner of Ox Ranch. I am a 31-year-old college dropout who was successful by selling the hosting company I founded, Hostgator.com.

I went from leading an army of nerds in July of 2012 to managing one of Texas’s largest hunting ranches in October. I had no ranching experience, never hunted before, and did not have a clue what to expect. I have come a long way in a short period of time. I have since discovered dozens of caves and underground caverns, killed hundreds of pigs, and even hold the ranch distance record after killing an Aoudad sheep at a 937-yard distance (with a single shot). There is no way I could have progressed as much as I have without the mentoring of our ranch veterans Larry Hromadka and CEO Tony Harden. Thank you!

Hostgator.com was founded in my college dorm room in October of 2002. I was a freshman attending Florida Atlantic University in my hometown of Boca Raton, Florida. I launched Hostgator with $1,000 to my name and one employee, myself. I prided the company on its 24/7/365 phone support offering which was a rarity at the time. The business began booming immediately and toward the end of my second college semester, I had hundreds of customers and was making more money than the average college graduate. I was profitable but, unfortunately, could not afford additional employees. This resulted in being woken on average six times a night from support calls. I could not even make it through a single class without having to step outside to take business calls.

It was apparent to me that I did not have time for both school and a blossoming business. I spoke to my family and against their wishes, made the decision to drop out. The decision to drop out of college ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. In 2008, Hostgator ranked 21st on the Inc 5,000’s list of fastest growing private companies in America and 1st in Texas! The best part is that this was all done without any loans, debt, or partners.

When I sold Hostgator in 2012, it was the number one recommended hosting company on the web and grew as fast as we could hire. The formula to success was a simple one: Reputation = Growth. The better the support we offered, the faster we grew. I have no control over the new owner’s decisions for better or for worse. I hope they follow my simple formula and assuming they do, they will thrive and be successful.

At the time of Hostgator’s sale it had:

1,000+ employees
$100,000,000+ in annual sales
8,000,000+ websites hosted
Hosted 2-3% of the internet

I may no longer be in the hosting world, but my goals and ambitions are just as big. I have decided that I am going to create the finest hunting ranch the world has ever seen. I am off to a good start and believe that I will achieve this goal within two years.

We have launched millions of dollars worth of projects including….

Giraffe pens
Hundreds of miles of roads covering the entire ranch
Over 10,000 acres of cedar removal
5,800-foot paved runway for the option to fly directly onto the ranch
6,000+ square-foot lodge and bar
8 authentic luxury log cabins
12,000 square-foot pavilion (under construction)
$200,000 bass fish stocking program
$2,000,000 wildlife expansion for 2014

The diversity, topography, and water features of the land are truly what makes Ox Ranch so unique and special. We have parts of the ranch that look like West Texas, South Texas, and then other parts that are similar to the Texas Hill Country. The ranch has multiple lakes totaling over 50 acres of water. The lakes are spring-fed by over seven miles of creeks flowing through the center of the property. I have talked with dozens of brokers, biologists, guides, outfitters, and surveyors before and after buying the ranch, and every single one of them has told me they have yet to see another ranch that compares.

The land is so special that there has not ever been a single rattlesnake found on the property! This fact stumps everybody including myself. Tony has cleared over 10,000 acres of cedar over the least 8 years and still not a single rattlesnake! I have been in hundreds of caves and holes, but again no rattlers! There are also very few, if any, mosquitos out here. I attribute this to the fact that we have such a large bat colony on the property and so much running water.

I plan to be a good steward of the land with any and all decisions being made to improve the water, vegetation, and well-being of the wildlife. We are working diligently to build upon sustainability while increasing our wildlife diversity. I am not going to rest until we have large herds of any and all species that flourish in a Texas environment. We have recently launched a $2,000,000 wildlife budget and have been building upon our Bongo, Sable, Arabian Oryx, Markhor, and Sitatunga herds. We also have a year-round $500,000 protein budget which promotes antler and horn growth.

I want Ox Ranch to be a place where traditions are created, dreams realized, and experiences of a lifetime made. I’m very proud of our activities list which includes High-Performance Jet Skis, Caving, Mountain Rappelling, blowing up cars, Machine guns, Yoga, Arrow Head Hunting, Tanks, and more. A lot of people think I am joking when I say there is a tank with a firing turret coming soon. I am not! I have always wanted to drive and fire a real tank, and I believe many of our guests will enjoy this activity as well.

I have a goal to not only make Ox Ranch the number one hunting ranch in the world, but also one of the top corporate retreats and wedding venues. The Lodge, Luxury Cabins, and Pavilion that are currently under construction will be able to support weddings and corporate retreats of over 500 people. It may not be for everyone, but I myself cannot imagine a better wedding or retreat than one surrounded by zebras, giraffes, and dozens of other species on over 18,000 acres of God’s country.

I have been blessed with success early in life, have great friends, and a loving family. I look forward to sharing Ox Ranch with all of you and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • Bev Baker

    I was lucky enough to take a photo safari at the Ox with my wife last summer and an Oryx hunt with a lifelong frind last December and I can truly say the Ox is the most beautiful ranch I’ve ever been on. The wildlife and views are breathtaking and the hospitality is second to none. I’m headed back to the OX this month for an Axis hunt with my wife and I can’t wait. Take Care, Roland B.Baker New Orleans, La.

  • Love

    Amazing. I am a hostgator customer for over 4 years!!! Love it.

    I’m from Zimbabwe (currently live in Maryland), which has one of the largest Safaris. I would love to come to your ranch once I save enough, and hopefully meet you. This sounds like paradise for me!!!

  • Bradley

    Can’t wait to come visit. Guns and yoga…haha sounds amazing B!

  • Traci

    Hello, I’d like to say the Ox is the very best ranch I’ve ever hunted on!!! My fiancé and I, had the time of our lives and both harvested trophy rams. The hospitality and ambiance is truly amazing and never a dull moment. If your a hunter or huntress that’s looking for a true, fair chase, trophy hunt, then your looking at the right place. My fiancé, Steve took his 30 + Auadad at 420 yards, poised atop the highest peak in Uvalde County. It was a thrilling climb to the top and words can’t describe the feeling of sitting down next to him and his Trophy, looking into the most gorgeous sunset ever. The next day sweetness (our 300 WSM) was handed over to me for what was soon to become the hunt and shot of my lifetime. Tony, the CEO of the Ox was our personal guide (FUN, FUN, FUN) turned towards the area he was expecting a huge Red Ram to have gone and said “Girl get ready and let the lead fly”…I did and dropped my 28 inch Red Sheep at 320 yards, in a dead run, going up the mountian!!! Nobody told me that was an impossible shot…lol!!! As an up and coming Award Winning Taxidermist I understand how important it is that the memories of a hunt last forever and that’s what your going to get from the Ox. Thank you, Brent for allowing us to enjoy your personal playground. Thank you, Tony for the most exciting hunt and all your time in making it so special. Thank you, Rhonda, Dianne, Larry and Clavin, your all so wonderful!!! Can’t wait to say “I do” at the Ox.

  • Janie Ruiz

    How do you determine which animals are allowed to be hunted.


    I’m like you I don’t know anything about ranches farming but I know my mechanics from big trucks to push mowers. I wish to work for you and see an amazing place you have.

  • jack deaton

    I wish you would develop my 5000 acres near Sanderson in Terrell County Texas for exoic game hunting. I would lease or sell the property. Our deer hunters claim it is great terrain (400 ft mountains) and very challenging.

  • I really enjoy the post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on… Gonda

  • Carol Ray

    Last weekend my husband, Gary, and I stayed at your ranch for his birthday for an Axis hunt. OMG! I’ve never seen him so happy! Tony was fantastic guiding him and pointing out specific features of the Axis and what he should look for in a true trophy. He ended up with a beauty that we couldn’t believe!!! A great big Texas THANK YOU to Brent for a fabulous venue and to Tony for a fantastic hunt and taking such great care of us throughout the entire weekend. Also, thank you to Erik and his staff for five star food at each and every meal! Everyone at the ranch was extremely kind and accommodating in every way. You all made this a birthday to remember!!! We WILL be back!!!! :) Also, I couldn’t close without mentioning I truly enjoyed two of my passions during our stay – photography and fishing!! Tony was extremely patient with me by stopping any time I wanted to take a picture – the wildlife is incredible – so many exotic animals and beautiful scenery. I was in heaven. Plus, I could fish in one of the many spring fed lakes right outside my cabin door!!! What an awesome trip! Thank you all.

  • info ranch

    We are so glad that your husband enjoyed his birthday trip to The Ox Ranch, and even more glad that you both had such a great time together.
    Thank you for the kind words and we hope to see you again soon!

    Happy hunting,
    The Ox Ranch Team

  • Manuel Villarreal

    Wow !!!!! I am looking forward to working for you brother!!!!! On that bad to the bone Ranch, Thank you so very much for the opportunity, God bless yall

  • Patricia Garcia

    I really loved the place! But I didn’t like that I had specified that I was bringing a 4 year old child with me. They did not have any food for a four-year-old . We brought our own food mac and cheese and cereal for snacks and had to use for his meals.Also I feel that we could have done more activities but needed our guide. Well guide was with my son hunting.

  • I hope to make my first ranch hunt with you this year with my brother and dad. I am developing the most versatile and useful deer drag handle and system in the world. If you have a chance visit my website below

  • Robert Trimble

    I’ve been blessed after selling my furniture company to hunt different ranches in 3 states. I recently hunted the OX ranch and was overwhelmed by the wildlife, accommodations and the staff. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to do something, give it 110 percent. It’s obvious that Brent and his team has succeed. I can’t wait to hunt the ranch again and experience all that it has to offer.

  • Brent, you are doing a great job with the ranch. I have hunted many places but this one is the best.
    We will be returning shortly and the guides and your crew are great.


    I admire your accomplishments. I hope your references to being blessed are more than lip service. Fortunes have away of going as fast as they come. I have only one request. You are buying up property at an remarkable pace. I live on the edge of Payette near Hill road. Some of use to hunt a little of that area back behind the dump and over toward Little Willow and to the north. It has been a while. Until recently I was hunting up behind Indian Mountain lookout.I am a disable veteran and age and circumstances are catching up with me. It would be nice if there could be a little area left where those of us who can’t get around as well could still go out and enjoy open space and hunt closer to home. It may be to late. You may have already bought all of that area up, but thought it was worth mentioning to see if there could be any set asides.

    Best wishes in your continued success

  • Hi Roger,

    I haven’t purchased land in years. I’m hoping that once my new startups realty.com and help.com launch that they’ll refill my coffers, and I’ll be on a buying spree. This is most likely a few years out and once they do I’ll be looking to grow the current Ox Ranch first. Thank you for all your support!

  • Thank you very much, we’re going to keep working to make it even better.

  • Howdy, I am from the Texas Hill Country and a nationally recognized wildlife artist. Could I visit to see and photograph some of the wildlife for my future paintings? You can see my work at: http://www.cdarlinganimalart.net. currently I am in Colorado to study the native species here. I would love to return to my Soul Place, to continue work. Let me hear from you and a very Happy New Year! Carol Darling S.A.A.

  • Message for Brent Oxley –

    We are lovers of hunting and outdoors. We come from Nepal where people travel to do climbing, expeditions. We would very much like to partner with you and promote trips to Ox Ranch. I have trying to reach you but there has been no luck. Can I please request you to work out a “Price Contract List” for agents so that I can start getting folks to you from The State of Washington. There is so much people would love such as driving tanks etc. I so very much look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.

  • Arnaud Malan

    Dear Brent,

    I am a hunting/fishing fan from New Zealand. I was looking up a Sika deer population in New Zealand 20 minutes ago, and came across your website. I have to say, I am absolutely astounded at what you have been able to achieve in such a short time, and would like to encourage you in your endeavors. Keep up the good work, maintain the highest standard possible, and be grateful to the One who has blessed with the position that you hold, and you will continue to be successful.

    Best wishes,

    Arnaud Malan
    New Zeland

  • Pathmaker

    This is a disgrace and all that hunt these majastic animals for sport a also a disgrace.

  • Small Human

    Actually apart from being successful , Mr Brent has a good heart as well. i wish you luck always Brent sir.

  • John Chaney

    I think what you are doing is incredible. I live in North Texas and getting to your place is definitely on my bucket list. I have shared videos of your ranch on my youtube page. Looking forward to seeing your place.

    John Chaney

  • We visited Ox today with the kids & also took my Mom. Buck was our guide, he was great & it was incredible starting at the tank tour with an impressive array of all working tanks, guns & rare collectibles. We them headed out to check out some wildlife & had the pleasure of feeding “Buttercup.” Everyone loved this experience & especially our 4-year old little girl. Buck took us to the ladder cave next which was very cool & then we grabbed our gear & caught a few bass. The Ox Team were all knowledgeable & friendly & this was an amazing family memory for us. Thank you for building a first-class ranch & hosting us Brent…we’ll be back!

  • Rod Blake

    Me and my hunting buddy just returned from Ox today. We are experienced hunters for sure ( Yukon, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Argentina, Spain) but It was to say the least an experience of a lifetime thanks to the exceptional hunting but also the free helicopter rides. Our guide was Austin a very very ranch mindful / customer appreciative man that bent over backwards to make sure we had everything we could imagine to do. The accommodations were beyond our expectations and the food is 5 Star. All the equipment was ready and clean( something a lot of others lack ). We are canceling a Canadian hunt to schedule another Ox hunt ASAP and bringing several other hunters that are going to be long time returning hunters. We will make this a regular yearly hunt and I’m going to also schedule an a hunt / photo tour with my family to Ox. Ask for Austin as your guide and you won’t be disappointed..
    Rod Blake

  • Admin

    Hi Rod,

    Thank you very much for being so understanding! This was the worst flooding since I started the Ox Ranch about 7 years ago. We have 3 dams that almost washed out and are in serious need of repair, fences down everywhere, and our internet is still cut from where the flooding cut our AT&T fiber line.

    I’m a little sad I was out of the country and missed all the excitement. =)

    Can’t wait to have you all back!

  • Brad Davidson

    Love the vision and ambition. We will get along well. Looking forward to seeing Ox Ranch next weekend. Pumped actually.

  • Victor Gonzalez

    This is our third journey to Ox Ranch. The third visit was a complete success along with an awe inspiring update of all the new things going on at Ox, that make it a world-wide destination for hunting and conservation minded tourists. The staff was friendly and incredibly efficient, we were assigned a hunting guide that had tremendous knowledge about all animal species at the ranch, and was a world-class tracker to boot. We intend to continue visiting Ox, and will recommend to all colleagues and friends who are hunters and conservation minded. I know there are plans to continually improve and add more species. Please create a database of all of us loyalists so that we can continue to be kept up to date and to plan vacations and partake of new wonders at the Ranch. Incredible place, highly recommended to families and anyone who loves wild animals.

  • Victor Gonzalez

    This is world-class destination for wild animal sightseeing, conservation, hunting and FUN”
    Whether you hunt whitetails, hogs, or more exotic game, THIS IS IT!!!

    This is our THIRD visit to OX, and it was a tremendous experience. Incredible staff, food, and sightseeing with an incredible selection of wild life from virtually every continent. No need to fly and get exhausted going overseas (and other risks that that entails). This one is at home and in Texas!! The accommodations rival 5 star hotels anywhere, food is fantastic, lots of family oriented activities, photography opportunities are out of this world.
    We were told that they will continue to improve and add more awe-inspiring species and landscape features. Please keep us loyalists informed in a database of all future attractions at Ox!!!

  • Gryzik

    We were married on top of the Mountain at OX RANCH Nov1,2016 we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary hoping to make it back to ranch for our 5th to Celebrate.

  • Bruce

    We just visited the Ox Ranch for the first time. Very impressed with the attention to detail and well thought out ranch. All the staff were very polite, nice and helpful. The chef and his staff – couldn’t find any better at any fine restaurant. FX, our guide, was very knowledgable about the ranch and the animals on it. We saw an unbelievable range of species of animals. I usually don’t like hunting with a guide but in this case, hunting with FX is more like hunting with a hunting buddy. He went well above and beyond as a guide by making sure our meat was handled properly and processed and ensuring that our taxidermy got done, and even helping out with a firearm. He’s a really great guide and I would recommend him to anyone.

    The equipment they use, the lodging, food and surrounding area are second to none. With a non-hunter in the party, we also saw the dinosaur tracks and kangaroo.

    They have facilities for a possible corporate meeting that we looked at while there.

    First time there but it won’t be my last. I want to thank the whole team for the experience.

  • Pete Zawada

    My daughter and I spent a few days on the Ox Ranch last week on a sheep hunt. We had a great time. The accommodations were first rate. The food was outstanding. Our guide Larry and the entire staff were awesome! We look forward to coming again soon.

  • David Zook

    We just got back from Ox Ranch and we had a great time!

    The food and hospitality were off the charts and firing the big guns and exploring the ranch was awesome!

    Brent Oxley did a wonderful job at the ranch and we made memories that will last a lifetime.

    We’ve been to a lot of places, but Chelsea was the best guide ever!!

  • JT Springer II
    Family fun !!!!! Just got home from the Ox and it is the most unique vacation I’ve had , There is something for the whole family , from 3 yr old to 80 . Great hunting , fun time firing machine guns and the Sherman tank . The staff is absolutely professional and the food and amenities perfect . The grandkids loved all the animals !
  • Lynette Pascual
    Viewed ‘Outdoor Boys’ episode inside Ox Ranch. They had ao much fun, and so did I just watching. Didn’t know there is such a place. On my wishlist.

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